What is the most eco-friendly way to clean hardwood floors?

If you have wood flooring and a love for the environment, cleaning floors means something different for you, and we understand. Today, we will briefly discuss the most eco-friendly way to clean your hardwood floors, so read along to find out more.

Cleaning your wood flooring is easier than you think

Keeping your engineered or solid hardwood flooring starts with daily sweeping to rid your floor's surfaces of any debris that may have accumulated throughout the day. Following with a mop dampened with warm water to finish off the maintenance, and your floors will look great.

However, if you're looking for more in-depth and eco-friendly opportunities, you can start with something you probably already have in your kitchen. For outstanding results, you can mix ½ cup of vinegar in a gallon of lukewarm water to clean floors safely and naturally.

You may also utilize a few drops of organic liquid soap to a gallon of warm water or add it to your vinegar solution for a fresher smell with the same great nontoxic results. Be sure to leave dirty shoes at the door and wipe up spills immediately for a cleaner surface at all times.

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