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Get a stunning look for your redesign with genuine, solid hardwood floors

Hardwood is extremely popular throughout the home, and it never goes out of style. It is tough against spills, and gives the house a cohesive look. High heals, moving furniture, pet claws and water can damage hardwood. But if protected, it can last a lifetime.

There are two types of hardwood: solid or engineered. Both are suitable for living spaces and the kitchen. Solid hardwood is considered more natural. It is installed by nailing or stapling it to a wooden subfloor. Like solid hardwood, engineered hardwood comes in countless colors, styles and widths. It withstands water better than solid hardwood and can be installed on top of concrete subfloors.

There’s a very good reason why solid hardwood flooring has remained popular for so long. A trued and true favorite for centuries, hardwood isn’t just durable, it’s also unbelievably stunning. Whether it’s that timeless, classic look you love, or you simply prefer the ease of maintenance, the list of advantages to opting for hardwood truly seems endless.

Improve the appearance of your space

While there’s no doubt you’ll add a generous touch of elegance to any room, what you may not realize is how much warmth you’ll also add with hardwood flooring. What’s more, many homeowners believe solid planks create a roomier space.

Unrivaled durability and strength

Another reason why homeowners often want to install solid wood flooring during renovations is the durability factor. Because of their strength, these slats can truly last for generations if well-cared for.

The option to refinish and re-varnish

Over time, if some scratches or dents appear, perhaps even some minor damage, wood can easily be refinished to fix imperfections. This option also comes in handy if you’re getting tired of the color and want a different style.

Easy to clean, low maintenance

Accumulated dust, dirt, and debris is easily removed with a quick sweep. Tougher messes may require mopping, butare relatively quick to take care of, nonetheless.

No matter the theme, it just looks great!

With the chameleon-like ability to blend in with any preexisting style, hardwood is truly like no other type of flooring. Its versatility is limitless, its adaptability legendary. No matter how often you change your décor around, updating the style of your home, you’ll never have to worry about your planks –they’ll always look fantastic!

Value-added everytime

No matter what type of species, color or design you choose, you’re always assured added value to your home every time. The vast majority of real estate agents will tell you homes with hardwood sell much faster than most at Standard Tile Marble & Terrazzo, Inc. her options, as they are in high demand. It's a feature that's regularly sought out since potential buyers believe wood is stylish and durable –and they're right!

Get honest advice from experienced flooring experts

As a locally trusted hardwood flooring retailer, you’re assured honest advice from our Gadsden, AL showroom professionals at Standard Tile Marble & Terrazzo, Inc.. Servicing the Anniston, Birmingham, Huntsville, Boaz, and Gadsden, AL, we promise to provide you with quality flooring at industry competitive pricing.