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Looking for luxurious, classic, flooring styles? Then look no further than silky, smooth carpet

Want floors that are beyond stylish, offering warmth and appeal like no other? How about luxurious underfoot comfort, or a smooth, silky feel to the touch? Classic design with a touch of contemporary, why not add gorgeous, lush carpet to your home? The benefits of choosing soft surfacing are truly endless, and, when you speak to any interior designers, they'll rave about the pile, the patterns, the feel. Considering plush fibers for your upcoming makeover? Here are a few more great reasons to fall deeper in love with carpet flooring.

Sumptuous style

With virtually thousands of style possibilities available on the market, you’ll want to visit your carpet flooring store to see them all! There are so many colors, cuts, patterns, and designs to choose from, all as lovely as the next.

Create any look

Offering up a great many appearance options, with different pile heights, gloss options, and dye hues to mix and match with décor, carpets can help you create any look you want for your room.

Easy maintenance

Keep things simple in your home with flooring that's very easy to maintain. As your carpet flooring retailer will tell you, soft surfacing requires very little upkeep and needs less daily attention.

A healthy choice

Acting like a giant sponge, carpet traps airborne contaminants, dust, allergens, and microscopic pests, holding onto them until you can remove them properly with vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Soft to the touch

Easy on the feet, the body, right down to the soul, carpet flooring is smooth, soft, and unbelievably comforting. Not only does it create a warm appearance, but it also softens the look of a room instantly.

Acoustic absorption

Absorbing sound and vibrations, soft surfacing and its padding tones down loud acoustics throughout the home.

Improved insulation

With the ability to insulate from outside weather, carpeting can significantly decrease your energy bills with its protective properties.

Safety underfoot

Limit slips, trips, and falls with carpeting for those with reduced mobility like young children and the elderly. Also, should a fall occur, the soft fibers offer a padded place to land.

Still not sure that soft surfacing is right for you? Come visit us at Standard Tile Marble & Terrazzo, Inc. in Gadsden, AL for more information on our wide array of flooring options. Servicing the Anniston, Birmingham, Huntsville, Boaz, and Gadsden, AL, our on-site flooring professionals are here to help you figure out which type of surfacing would best suit your renovation needs.