Are random widths available in hardwood flooring?

Are random widths available in hardwood flooring?

Yes, you can get different-sized planks in either solid or engineered wood flooring. In addition, planks of different widths are combined to create distinctive layouts.

Random widths were created in the mid-1800s, so it wasn't unusual to see them in homes. Back then, it was more for economic reasons–as a way to use the logs more efficiently.

Now, it's more a matter of status. It gives your home an antique or historical look.

What is it, exactly?

Typically planks of three, five, and seven-inch widths are used. However, seeing other groups, such as four, six, and eight inches, is not unusual.

This works in any decor, from traditional to contemporary and more. Come into our hardwood flooring company to see our woods, such as oak, hickory, and birch.

Do you wish you could use a wide plank?

Wide planks are currently trending. They show the grains and knot more clearly and give your home a warm rustic feeling.

Sometimes you’re installing in a room that's too small or narrow. Random-width floors utilize wide planks to give the appearance of a larger space.

Random width also works well for large rooms with high ceilings. The floor can sometimes "get lost" in these spaces, but mixed width highlights them.

Wood’s style

These floors are classic and timeless. Whether solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood, they never go out of style and add warmth and charm to a space.

There’s an allure like no other.

With the large variety of stains and finishes, you can easily make them lighter or darker. Then, if you change your decor, no problem; just sand and re-stain them.

Wood flooring also:

1.Is durable
2.Adds value to a property
3.It is easy to care for

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